Birds of Umfolozi River Lodge

Nestled in the heart of Zululand is Umfolozi River Lodge, an affordable and comfortable lodge near Mtubatuba. Half an hour from St Lucia and Hluhluwe–iMfolozi Park, there are many birding opportunities in the area. The lodge has a short forest trail, and a few mornings before breakfast yielded over 40 bird species (list at end).

Purple-crested Turaco
Purple-crested Turaco


White-fronted Bee-eater
White-fronted Bee-eater


Black-collared Barbet
Black-collared Barbet


Crested Barbet
Crested Barbet


Yellow-bellied Greenbul
Yellow-bellied Greenbul


Purple-banded Sunbird
Purple-banded Sunbird


List of birds recorded at Umfolozi River Lodge, 29-31 July 2019

  Species   Latin
  Hadeda Ibis   Bostrychia hagedash
  African Spoonbill   Platalea alba (many flying over)
  Long-crested Eagle   Lophaetus occipitalis
  African Fish-Eagle   Haliaeetus vocifer (heard)
  Red-eyed Dove   Streptopelia semitorquata
  Purple-crested Turaco   Gallirex porphyreolophus
  Fiery-necked Nightjar   Caprimulgus pectoralis(heard)
  African Palm-Swift   Cypsiurus parvus
  Speckled Mousebird   Colius striatus
  Red-faced Mousebird   Urocolius indicus
  Brown-hooded Kingfisher   Halcyon albiventris
  White-fronted Bee-eater   Merops bullockoides
  Black-collared Barbet   Lybius torquatus
  White-eared Barbet   Stactolaema leucotis
  Red-fronted Tinkerbird   Pogoniulus pusillus
  Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird   Pogoniulus bilineatus
  Crested Barbet   Trachyphonus vaillantii
  Lesser Honeyguide   Indicator minor
  Lesser Striped Swallow   Hirundo abyssinica
  Black Saw-wing   Psalidoprocne holomelaena
  Black-headed Oriole   Oriolus larvatus
  Dark-capped Bulbul   Pycnonotus tricolor
  Terrestrial Brownbul   Phyllastrephus terrestris
  Yellow-bellied Greenbul   Chlorocichla flaviventris
  Sombre Greenbul   Andropadus importunus
  White-throated Robin-Chat   Cossypha humeralis
  Green-backed Camaroptera   Camaroptera brachyura
  Tawny-flanked Prinia   Prinia subflava
  African Dusky Flycatcher   Muscicapa adusta
  Black-throated Wattle-eye   Platysteira peltata
  African Paradise-Flycatcher   Terpsiphone viridis
  Cape Wagtail   Motacilla capensis
  Black-bellied Starling   Lamprotornis corruscus
  Purple-banded Sunbird   Cinnyris bifasciatus
  Olive Sunbird   Cyanomitra olivacea
  Amethyst Sunbird   Chalcomitra amethystina
  Scarlet-chested Sunbird   Chalcomitra senegalensis
  Spectacled Weaver   Ploceus ocularis
  Lesser Masked Weaver   Ploceus intermedius
  Village Weaver   Ploceus cucullatus
  Yellow Weaver   Ploceus subaureus
  Bronze Mannikin   Spermestes cucullatus
  Yellow-fronted Canary   Crithagra mozambicus
  Cape White-eye   Zosterops virens

Thanks to the River Lodge for a pleasant stay, and to Sheila for for helping with the birds list!

If you would like a bird guide to see birds in Zululand, contact Dieter / Birds4Africa!

Dieter is a qualified Bird Ringer and trainer, registered bird guide, and Weaver expert. Dieter is able to act as a bird guide for day trips in Cape Town, and is able to customise birds tours in South Africa and beyond.