Bird ringing

“I’m very grateful to Dieter and Manuel for their patience, perseverance and expertise as they shared their extensive bird-ringing skills and knowledge with all those participating in the fantastic course on Aride in August.”   Craig Nisbet, Desroches Island Conservation Officer (see Aride blog).

Ringing table
Ringing on Aride


“Birdringing with Dieter and the BDI at Fynbos Estate was an relaxed, well thought and a enjoyable experience. There was a good variety of birds caught and ringed that made it worthwhile to drive through for a day, it was as always a pleasure to ring birds with Dieter and to learn from his wealth of knowledge. The day and trip was very well planned. Thank you for the opportunity to join the group.” Loutjie, Fynbos Estate (see Fynbos blog).

Bird ringing allows a close connection with birds, as well as being an important tool to study birds. By coming on a ringing expedition, you are contributing to monitoring birds. Ringing monitoring is conducted at a variety of ringing sites on the Cape Peninsula (southern suburbs of Cape Town), mostly wetland sites. In partnership with the Biodiversity and Development Institute, you can join 10 day ringing expeditions at a site 1 hour’s drive from Cape Town. You can also choose one of the established ringing trips in South Africa, or enquire about ringing trips elsewhere in Africa.

Rufous-eared Warbler

Bird ringing services:

  • Upcoming ringing tours
  • Ten day ringing expeditions with BDI African Ringing Expeditions, and with Dieter as ringing leader.
  • Custom bird ringing tours can be organised in South Africa (especially the Karoo, and Zululand or Overview Zululand, in KwaZulu-Natal), Namibia, Seychelles, and other African countries.
  • Specialist ringing, like swallow chicks and weaverbird chicks.
  • Introduction to bird ringing for Field Biology Courses and student groups (eg at Fynbos Estate, at Klipbokkop)
  • Ringers and birders are welcome to join Dieter for morning sessions in Cape Town.
  • Dieter can provide bird ringing training courses.
  • Ringing demonstrations for anyone wanting to learn more about this way of studying birds or just appreciating birds from really close up.

Dieter provides all ringing equipment, and has all the required permits. Ringing is conducted ethically, and all data is curated at SAFRING at the University of Cape Town, where the data is available to researchers.

Measuring the head length – Southern Red Bishop

Some previous ringing courses led by Dieter

Zambia ringing at Kakoma, 1-9 Oct 2023
Zambia ringing trip, Nampene Island, 27 Nov-1 Dec 2022
Aride, Seychelles, 12-18 August 2019
Bird ringing course, Aride, Seychelles, 15-22 October 2017
Mbour, Senegal, 22-26 October 2016 [after PAOC]
Bird ringing course, Fregate Island, Seychelles, 12-22 July 2015
Bird ringing course, Cousin & Cousine Islands, Seychelles, 11-16 Feb 2014
Barberspan ringing conference, 28 Nov – 1 Dec 2013
Ringing course, Zambia, 29 March – 6 April 2012
Bird ringing course, Cousin Island, Seychelles, 18-23 September 2011
Ringing & atlasing workshop, Barberspan, 9-16 March 2011
Ringing course in Port Elizabeth, May 2010
Barberspan ringing conference and more, 11-22 March 2010
Wakkerstroom Bird ringing course, 3-7 January 2005
SAFRING national ringing workshop, Landela, 2005
AEWA/AFRING ringing course, Kenya, 19-26 Sept 2004
Bird ringing course, Wakkerstroom, 3-10 January 2004
Bird ringing course, Wakkerstroom, 30 Nov – 6 Dec 2002
Bird ringing course, Lamberts Bay, 19-26 October 2002
SAFRING Wakkerstroom National Ringing Training Course, 1-8 December 2001
Seabird ringing course, Lamberts Bay, 13-20 October 2001


African Ringing Expeditions
African Ringing Expeditions (BDI)