Fynbos Estate 2020

Birding and ringing at Fynbos Estate, 21-23 September 2020

Two nights holiday at Fynbos Estate yielded a bird list of 43 species while doing some ringing. A pair of Swee Waxbills was the first record of the species at Fynbos Estate, although it has been recorded on the Paardeberg. A bird list is here for the first day and supplement here for the next day.

Swee Waxbill male
Swee Waxbill female



A Common Fiscal with colour rings was observed (from June 2019).

Common Fiscal

The top species caught was Yellow Bishop (n=14), with nearly half being recaptures from previous trips. One Yellow Bishop was recaptured as an adult male that had been ringed as an immature male 2 years ago – adult males have bright yellow patches in winter, while immatures (and females) have olive patches. Male bill colours vary, usually having a paler patch on the lower bill but one male had a completely black bill.

Yellow Bishop immature male, May 2018


Yellow Bishop adult male, Sept 2020


Yellow Bishop – variation in bill colour in different males


Nine Cape Sugarbirds were caught, without targeting them! A male was caught, and the rest were females.

Cape Sugarbird female

More recaptures

A single Bokmakierie has been ringed at Fynbos Estate to date (on 7 Dec 2019, mass 64g, ringed by Marc) and it was recaptured on 22 Sep 2020 (mass 69g, with brood patch). A Cape Robin-chat ringed on 4 Dec 2019 by Marc was recaptured on 22 Sep 2020 (mass 30g each time). A Southern Boubou ringed on 28 Feb 2019 by Manuel was recaptured on 23 Sept 2020. A Yellow Bishop from my visit ringing trip to Fynbos Estate (May 2018) was also recaptured (photo above).

Bokmakierie (photo by Marc)


Cape Robin-chat

Table – birds ringed 21-23 Sept 2020

  Species   Ringed  Retraps
  Cape Turtle-Dove   1
  Cardinal Woodpecker   1
  Cape Bulbul   5
  Cape Robin-Chat   2  1
  Cape Batis   1
  Southern Boubou  1
  Bokmakierie  1
  Cape Sugarbird   9
  Cape Weaver   11  1
  Southern Masked-Weaver   6  1
  Southern Red Bishop   2
  Yellow Bishop   8  6
  Streaky-headed Seedeater   1
  Cape White-eye   1
  Totals   48  11

Previous ringing at Fynbos Estate

3-12 December 2019

17-21 June 2019 (Colour ringing)

18-28 February 2019

25-27 May 2018


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