Birds bathing at Jack Muller Park


Bathing site


A storm pipe running into a stream at Jack Muller Park, Bellville, Cape Town, provided two points where local birds could bathe (15 Sept 2020). Firstly, some Cape White-eyes bathed at the edge of the pipe even though the water was running out fairly quickly. A male Southern Masked Weaver came to drink here, and possibly other birds drank or bathed as well.

Cape White-eye

In this video the white-eye bathes and is pushed out by the fast flowing water, so it needs to keep its balance!

Southern Masked Weaver

Where the waterfall fell it formed a small pond where more birds came to bathe. First up was a male Cape Weaver, watched by a male Cape Sparrow – when the weaver flew off, the sparrow had a quite bath. Later a very hesitant Common Starling approached the pond, and eventually entered the pond to bathe.

Cape Weaver and Cape Sparrow
Common Starling

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