African bird atlasses

Several bird atlasses have been published that include maps showing absence/presence in grids, allowing accurate distributions to be mapped. The map below shows the countries that have had at least one bird atlas published. Below the map there is a list of the atlas references.

Completed bird atlas projects in Africa

Of the 54 African countries, some 23 have had a completed bird atlas project (Mozambique however has 2/3 of its area done). The grid scales vary from 1’x1′ in the Comores to 1°x1°, although most are 15’x15′ or 30’x30′.


Table. A list of bird atlasses in Africa

Kemp 1974

Listed in sequence of publication (SA = South Africa).

Years – main temporal coverage for atlas.

Grid size given in geographic minutes.

The reference details are given below the table.


Country/ region
Years Grid size Reference
SA – central Transvaal (1953)-1968 ~7’x7′ Tarboton 1968a
SA – Kruger NP  -1974 points Kemp 1974a
SA – KwaZulu Natal 1970-1980 15’x15′ Cyrus 1980a
SA – Transvaal 1960-1986 15’x15′ Tarboton 1987b
SA – Free State 1983-1986 15’x15′ Earle 1987b
Sudan (incl S Sudan) 1976-1984 60’x60′ Nikolaus 1987a
SA – W Cape 1982-1986 15’x15′ Hockey 1989a
Kenya 1970-1984 30’x30′ Lewis 1989b (GBIF)
Lesotho 1986-1989 15’x15′ Osborne 1990a
Senegal & Gambia (1930)-1990 60’x60′ Morel 1990a
Somalia 1982-1988 30’x30′ Douthwaite 1991a
Botswana 1980-1990 30’x30′ Penry 1994a
Mali & Mauritania point Lamarche 1994a, 1993
Swaziland 1985-1991 7.5’x7.5′ Parker 1994a
Southern Africa 1987-1991 [-1993] 15’x15′ Harrison 1997a (SABAP1)
Liberia 1981-1994 15’x15′ Gatter 1997a
Somalia 1978-1981; 1978-1981 30’x30′ Ash 1998a
Mozambique, south 1980-1997 15’x15′ Parker 1999a
Uganda (1891)-1990s-(2004) 30’x30′, points Carswell 2005a
Mozambique, central 1992-2003 15’x15′ Parker 2005b
Malawi (1980)-2005 30’x30′ Dowsett-Lemaire 2006b
Zambia 1975-2007 30’x30′ Dowsett 2008a
Comores 1981-2006 1’x1′ Louette 2008a
Ethiopia & Eritrea (1850)-1969, 1970-2007 30’x30′ Ash 2009a
Mauritania [all years] 30’x30′ Isenmann 2010a + web
Ghana 2004-05, 2008-11 30’x30′ Dowsett-Lemaire 2014a
Benin & Togo [30’x30′] Dowsett-Lemaire 2019a
Tanzania 1985 – on-going 30’x30′ Species maps and list by grid
SABAP2 & Birdmap Africa 2007 – on-going 5’x5′ SABAP2
West Africa 2010 – on-going West African Bird DataBase


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